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Programming Fundamentals*

The course that guides you from a beginner to programming savant in 12 weeks so you can confidently coach any lifter and take your career to the next level NOW.

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Delivered 8/25/2019 or upon sign-up there after.

Fundamentals of Programming:

You'll be provided pre-course material to review muscle anatomy & physiology, stress recovery, adaptation, and programming design terms & definitions. We recommend reviewing this material before the start of the course as a refresher.

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Module 1


Beginner Programming:

We'll spend 3 weeks diving into the how & why behind beginner programming, how to progress based on individual response, and how to transition seamlessly from beginner to intermediate.

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Module 2


Intermediate Programming:

In this section we'll discuss well known programming theories and the good & not-so-good that comes from them. We'll then dive into the PRS models for int./adv. programming and how to assess clients & athletes and choose the best format on and individual basis.

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Module 3


Custom Programming Progressions:

Here we'll dive deeper into periodization models, annual planning, rep scheme & exercise selection for various strength & physique-based individual goals. We'll then learn how to monitor athletes session-to-session and over time for optimal results along with injury risk reduction.

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Module 4


Advanced Practice:

In the last module of the class we'll discuss how to plan for competition for any level athlete as well as manage injuries so training never ceases and over all progression continues to move in a positive direction.

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