Under her nutritional guidance and training programming, I was able to increase my strength while transforming my body to the leanest I have ever been in my life. My preparation was very smooth with continuous progress without an extreme caloric deficit, and now she has me eating more than ever while maintaining weight.


In January of 2014, powerlifter Pete Rubish developed difficulty and pain with squatting that got progressively worse until he could no longer squat. He was then diagnosed with calcification in his quadriceps and heterotrophic ossification in his labrum via MRI as the cause for his pain and difficulty squatting.

He heard about Dr. Rori, and that she had worked with big name powerlifters, and contacted her for a consultation. Despite the fact that Pete lives in Knoxville, TN, Dr. Rori was able to help him formulate a physical therapy routine remotely that he could do from home. Regular check-ins by Skype and video assessment of Pete’s lifts enabled Dr. Rori to guide him and make adjustments as he progressed. As a result of his work with Dr. Rori, Pete has come back from his injuries and is not only squatting again, but also approaching numbers close to his all time personal record. In his first meet in almost two years following his injuries, he hit a 606 pound squat. Three months later, in November 2015, he hit a 644 pound squat in competition.

Rori was the first person to actually get me back to a point where I could hit a squat below parallel. I had gone to ART practitioners, chiropractors, and had even gotten platelet rich plasma injections done, but working with her got me to where I wanted to be.
— Pete Rubish


In 2014, Brad Coulliard, a competitive powerlifter, had surgery on both of his hips to repair his labrums and remove acetabular impingements. After surgery, he hoped to resume powerlifting, but wasn’t making any real progress with local physical therapists. The rehab they prescribed addressed general day-to-day activities but not sport specificity, nor his dysfunctions and imbalances. 

Then, a year after his surgery and after many frustrating months, Brad found Dr. Rori. She provided him with new insights into his issues and a tailored rehab plan to address them. The plan was designed to improve his hip range of motion and enable him to return to the main lifts: squat, bench and deadlift. The approach had him squatting to depth and gaining noticeable hip internal rotation that he had previously lacked. 

In November 2015, Brad returned to competition and went 9 for 9 at the USA Powerlifting Wild West Showdown in Las Vegas. He hit a 237 squat, 165 bench and 347 deadlift. His goal was to push the squat as best he could and it turned out to be very easy for him. The deadlift was a nice post-surgery personal record as well.

I think what I valued most was her personal approach for me, especially being extremely responsive and invested in my improvement.
— Brad Coulliard


Eda Tsatskis, a mother of 2 and grandmother of 8, had tried every diet in the book over the years. She had struggled with her weight for over 35 years and was unsure about trying yet another new diet. Then her daughter suggested nutrition programming and coaching with Dr. Rori.

Within a year of working with Dr. Rori, Eda had lost 25 pounds, and she is now at her lowest weight in almost 40 years. The flexible dieting approach that she follows with Dr. Rori enables her to eat all all of the foods she wants and still lose weight. She is eating more than she thought possible and maintaining her weight loss. No more low calorie diets for Eda.

I love the regimen. It gives me such peace of mind and structure to my days. I don’t feel hungry or too full and because no food is off-limits, I don’t feel deprived. I feel great, and I will always be grateful to Rori.
— Eda Tsatskis


After many years competing in powerlifting, Eric Grogin knew that he was at a point where he needed to hire a coach if he wanted to keep progressing in the sport. After hearing about Dr. Rori as a strong competitor, and meeting her in person at a Starting Strength Seminar, Eric knew he had found his coach. 

As a coach himself, it was important to Eric to work with someone who was proficient in the model that he follows and coaches himself. He also wanted someone with substantial experience and credentials, a coach who was “more than just a weekend certification.” 

Eric started strength training with Dr. Rori in April of 2015. At the time, his 1 rep maxes for the squat, bench and deadlift were 372, 267 and 450 respectively. During his training with Dr. Rori, he gained strength and lost weight while maintaining a hectic schedule. In July, he had his first meet with his new coach and hit his first unwrapped 181 meet at 385, 275, 445. 

After this meet, Eric began Nutrition Programming with Dr. Rori and was able to lose fat, build strength and improve his performance further. In August, he sprained his wrist and shoulder at work, and Dr. Rori was able to program around his injuries and help him get back to training. As he prepared for his next meet, Dr. Rori provided detailed, precise programming, guided Eric through losing 9 pounds for the meet and supported him in person on the day of the event.

Dr. Rori made my meet day stress free and fun! My numbers were 410, 285, 465. I added 60 pounds to my total and had left some pounds on the platform despite losing a month of training time to injuries. Rori has always gone above and beyond for me. She’s there to answer my questions and concerns, to keep my frustrations in check and to guide me to be a better coach and athlete.
— Eric Grogin
As a PT, Rori understands what powerlifters do. Other PTs gave me things to do that weren’t a stimulus for me or told me that I was crazy for lifting all this weight. Rori gets it, supports what I do, and helped me get back to doing what I love.