Is there a payment commitment?

For all the online services except the monthly coaching there is NO payment commitment. You are free to cancel your automatic payment at any time but there are no refunds for the month once a program has been delivered. If you choose the monthly coaching option there is a 3 month commitment and automatic payments can be canceled at any time after the third month.

Can I freeze my package?

At PRS we understand that life can throw you a curveball which is why we do not have a payment commitment for our weekly and 12 week coaching plans. Because we value your commitment to your strength, fitness, and health, we do offer the option to freeze 12-week packages for up to 3 months. For monthly and month-to-month programs we do not offer the opportunity to freeze mid-month but you can cancel your recurring payment for the next month. If you’d like to hold your spot on your coach’s roster we can do so for a small hold-fee of $25 per month recurring until canceled for up to 3 months.

How do I communicate with my coach?

We value subjective feedback and important information from our clients as it influences and helps build dynamic and successful programming. Depending on the plan you purchase you can communicate with your coach via Zoom video calls, emails, WhatsApp, and our private facebook group.

How often can I communicate with my coach?

Depending on which plan you choose and what your goals are, you’ll be able to communicate with your coach regularly through different avenues. You can view the different levels of communication access on the coaching comparison chart found here.

How is my plan adjusted?

Our system is run through Google Drive which gives you and your coach dual access to your program and makes it easily accessible on your mobile device. We love this because we can communicate through and update your program in real time so you have access to the changes immediately. This eliminates the need to email and download new programs every time something is changed! And, we adjust programs regularly based on your objective and subjective feedback so this approach allows the program to be truly dynamic without being a hassle!

How do I know which program is right for me?

Our goal is to always help you in the best way possible but we know that not every person needs session-to-session check-ins and communication regularly but some may need more than just a monthly program review and video checks in our facebook group. For that reason we offer a free consultation call for you to speak with one of our coaches about your specific needs, goals, injury history, financial resources, and experience level. The PRS coach you speak with will advise you on the plan that will most appropriately work for you. Book a free call here!

Can I change my plan after I start?

YES! Often times people start with Rehab Coaching and transition into Weekly Coaching after they’ve successfully moved out of pain and addressed the issues causing their symptoms. Additionally, people who begin with Monthly Coaching oftentimes bump up to Weekly Coaching 4 to 8 weeks before a competition for more intensive support during the preparation for their meet. Our goal is to help you optimally, so we’ll work with you to find the best plan for you at each step in your training career.

I’m completely new to barbell training. Which option is better for me?

At PRS we LOVE helping new barbell trainees grow, get stronger, and become independent in the gym. The best place to start is with the 12 Week Weekly Coaching plan. This provides you enough access to your coach to ask all the questions you’ll have as a novice barbell training, get up to 28 video form checks per week to perfect your technique, and adjust the program on a weekly basis as you progress and get stronger during the first portion of your strength journey. Many of our athletes stick with the plan long term because they value the dynamic support that comes with it.

I see you have multiple coaches. Which coach is best for me?

We want you to work with the coach that best meshes with your personality, training history, and goals. We have ample opportunity to get to know each other before beginning your program. Through your free consultation call and the intake form you fill out after signing up, we get together as a team and discuss which coach will best help you on your journey. You can also request a coach on the intake form should you feel one is best for you based on previous communications, referrals or the consultation call. Book a free call here!

If I have an issue, do I have immediate access to my coach?

We want to be as accessible as possible for you to succeed. We have multiple ways to reach your coach in the event of an emergency. For regular communication regarding programming we respond to emails within 24 hours. Clients have other ways to communicate with us for support throughout the week and in the event of an emergency.  

If I get injured during my workout what should I do?

We know injuries happen! At PRS we guide you through the process of addressing injuries, from small to large, if and when they occur. When your coach delivers your program to you there will be specific instructions on how to navigate acute injuries and what the process is for contacting your coach and modifying your program when they arise. We are with you every step of the way!

If I fail a lift and need reprogramming during the middle of the month. What should I do?

The answer to this will vary depending on which barbell programming option you choose. With monthly coaching you’ll be provided instructions for how to address these independently throughout the block but you do have access to all the PRS coaches in the private Facebook group to ask questions as they arise. For people utilizing the weekly coaching, you have access to your coach via email at any time and your program is adjusted on a weekly basis based on your performance. With rehab coaching, there are session-to-session check-ins and programming is modified and delivered in this format as well.

I don’t think I’m doing the lift correctly. What’s the quickest way I can get a form check?

Our Facebook groups! PRS coaches are available Tues-Friday to provide form checks. You have the opportunity to submit 16 videos that are reviewed on a weekly basis between our open-access PRS Secret Society Facebook group and our private Team PRS Facebook group that is for paying clients. If you cancel coaching you are not kicked out of our private group and have lifetime access to it!

What’s the major difference between the $239/month vs. $99/month?

The biggest difference is the amount of communication you have with your private coach, performance/log reviews, and adjustments to the program. With Weekly Coaching you have unlimited email access to your coach and weekly programming adjustments based on your weekly check-in. With monthly this is not available. All questions are asked through the private Facebook group and any PRS coach can answer them. Additionally, we do not do performance/log reviews for monthly coaching until the end of the 4th week.