Barbell Training Intensive

Join a prs coach for a two-hour in-person personalized Barbell technique Training session in Farmingdale, NY (Long Island) - an easy commute from the Tri-State Area.

All clients, whether seasoned lifters or newbies to lifting begin with the Barbell Training Intensive.

New to Barbell Training? Utilizing the Starting Strength method, you will learn the fundamental lifts for effective strength training during this one-on-one training session where all eyes are on you. You will learn the following movements: Squat, Bench Press, Overhead Press, Deadlift & Power Clean (when appropriate).

Have past injuries/physical limitations? Our coaches are specially trained to tailor your intensive to ensure you leave with an understanding of how to train effectively for your specific situation.

Need to brush up on your Barbell Lifts? This is perfect if you want to shake off some dust and get technique feedback on your lifts from one of the most reputable coaches in the industry.

Cost: $250 (for 2 hours)

Looking to keep training with Dr. Rori Alter after you complete the Barbell Training Intensive? purchase a package of the barbell group with the barbell intensive and save 15% off your Barbell intensive, or sign up for Online Barbell Coaching.

$1,812.50 (for barbell intensive + 20 sessions of barbell group)
$1,162.50 (for barbell intensive + 10 sessions of barbell group)

Barbell Group Club

The PRS Barbell Club is a 2 hour barbell training session in a semi-private environment of up to 4 lifters per session. Lifters can come as little as 1 and as many as 5 times per week.

This program allows you to train surrounded by lifters who encourage and motivate you, and get the eye and technical feedback of our highly qualified coaches at a lower price point than private training.

In our Barbell Club all eyes are one YOU when you lift from warm up set to work weights. Get feedback and adjustments on a regular basis, train efficiently and effectively, and stay healthy, all while getting stronger with friends, and saving money!

In order to participate in the Barbell Club all lifters must complete a 2-hour private Barbell Intensive. For a discounted Barbell Intensive rate, purchase it with your Club package below!


Tuesday-Thursday 6:30 pm-8:30 pm
Saturday 8:30 am-10:30 am, 10:30 am-12:30 pm

*All lifters must sign up in advance of each group

Cost (for 1.5 hours):
$80/session @ 20 sessions
$95/session @ 10 sessions

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Unable to attend the group sessions or just want to work privately with your coach?

Private sessions are right for you! After you’ve completed a Barbell Intensive your coach will discuss which session option is best for you.

1-hour session Cost:
$135/session @ 1 session
$125/session @ 10 sessions
$115/session @ 20 sessions

1.5-hour session Cost:
$175/session @ 1 session
$160/session @ 10 sessions
$150/session @ 20 sessions


“Dr. Rori made my meet day stress free and fun! My numbers were 410, 285, 465. I added 60 pounds to my total and had left some pounds on the platform despite losing a month of training time to injuries. Rori has always gone above and beyond for me. She’s there to answer my questions and concerns, to keep my frustrations in check and to guide me to be a better coach and athlete.” - Eric G.