in-person barbell coaching in meridian, ms with dr. liz Zeutschel

Barbell Training Intensive (2 hours) -

Join Dr. zeutschel for a two-hour in-person personalized Barbell technique Training session in meridian, ms.

All clients, whether seasoned lifters or newbies to lifting can benefit from the Barbell Training Intensive where the technique of all 3+ lifts are assessed.

New to Barbell Training? Utilizing the Starting Strength method, you will learn the fundamental lifts for effective strength training during this one-on-one training session where all eyes are on you. You will learn the following movements: Squat, Bench Press, Overhead Press, Deadlift & Power Clean (when appropriate).

Have past injuries/physical limitations? Liz will tailor your intensive to ensure you leave with an understanding of how to train effectively for your specific situation.

Need to brush up on your Barbell Lifts? This is perfect if you want to shake off some dust and get technique feedback on your lifts from one of the most reputable coaches in the industry.

** You will also receive a personalized program that is both simple and effective for building strength and accomplishing your goals **

cost: $180 (2 hours) - 1 person

Have a friend joining you for the Barbell Intensive? Choose the Semi-Private option below.

cost: $270 (2 hours) - 2 people 

In-Person Barbell Technique Training Session (1 hour) -  

Been lifting on your own and need to check in on a lift?

Whether you’ve been lifting for a short time or several years, your form can creep putting you at risk for injury and hindering your progress.

Getting feedback from an experienced coach can ensure that you are getting the most out of your training.


Have injuries/physical limitations?

Liz is a licensed physical therapist and can analyze movement and then tailor your session in order to meet you where you are and get you on the road to recovery and improved quality of life.

Cost: individual coaching (1 hour)

$80/session for 8 sessions ($640 total)
$70/ session for 16 sessions ($1,120 total)

Cost: 2-on-1 coaching (1.5 hour)

$60/session per person

for questions and to schedule your first appointment, contact liz at

Liz’s instruction and guidance has been instrumental in seeing major results in my strength. As a coach, Liz is extremely diligent with her observation and feedback, and obviously has an excellent knowledge and experience base to back up her coaching techniques. She has an excellent way of seeing exactly what you need to fix form-wise and then describing in detail what you need to do to fix it in a clear and specific way—all of which has made me feel extremely confident with her instruction style from a safety perspective. I’ve also been really impressed with her flexibility and dedication with me—a client who travels a lot and has a very sporadic schedule. I’ve been super pumped with the coaching and results and will definitely keep training with Liz and keep up with the PRS strength program for the foreseeable future!
— Laura Anderson