*Our Most Popular Program!*

The Online Barbell & Nutrition Coaching Program includes:

  • Analysis of your goals, timeline and needs

  • Development of a customized nutrition & programming plan delivered in three 4-week blocks (12 weeks) updated as needed in real time

  • Weekly check-in correspondence and video analysis

  • Program modification as needed based on objectives

  • Unlimited email support for questions / concerns

The effects of good nutrition on your training is scientifically proven. Through our personalized approach to coaching, prs coaches will design a nutrition program that always has your training in mind and will craft a barbell program based on your needs and goals.

Many of our Nutrition & Barbell Coaching clients are international and nationally ranked powerlifters, weekend warriors and stay at home moms who seek to train effectively and eat optimally.


$379 for 4-weeks (that's $94/week!) - sign up here

$995 for 12-weeks (that's $83/week!) - sign up here

*All payments are recurring until cancelled*

Under her nutritional guidance and training programming, I was able to increase my strength while transforming my body to the leanest I have ever been in my life. My preparation was very smooth with continuous progress without an extreme caloric deficit, and now she has me eating more than ever while maintaining weight.