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BLACKBOARD online courses


Progressive Rehab and Strength LLC (“PRS”) will consider issuing partial refunds for our digital programs so long as the course participant (“Client”) has strictly complied with all of the following requirements and client obligations. All refunds are at the sole discretion of PRS and all decisions are final. 



I) Course Name: PRS Blackboard Programming Fundamentals Course

II) Course Description:

The PRS Programming Fundamentals Course is a twelve-week online program that teaches fundamentals for athletes, coaches, trainers, clinicians, and athletic instructors to design and implement their own training program(s). The course consists of live lectures, course materials, and various assignments. Upon the completion of the class, each student will schedule a 1-hour video consultation with the instructor to discuss the practical application of the course and review the fundamentals presented throughout the course.

IV) Course URL:

V) Course Start Date: September 22, 2019

VI) Course End Date: December 14, 2019




  • Client participated in and completed at least three (3) LIVE online lectures 


  • Client has completed and submitted all required case studies and assignments 


  • Client has scheduled and completed a one (1) hour consultation call with the course instructor within fourteen (14) days of last online lecture date 



  • Client has requested a partial refund, in writing, to within thirty (30) days of the course end date, and submitted a clear reason as to why the Client was unsatisfied with the course programming and/or course results.

  • Client has completed the Course by the designated course end date.


Homework and completed coursework will not be accepted after the course end date.


This includes but is not limited to clients who request a refund because they change their minds or no longer wish to have access to the course materials.



IMPORTANT: All decisions to offer partial or full refunds are at the sole discretion of PRS and are non-negotiable and are FINAL. All refund amounts will be determined solely by PRS and will be granted on a case-by-case basis after considering a totality of the circumstances. Refund amounts may differ depending on the reason for requesting a refund. Client understands that participation in the program creates consent to this Refund Policy, and Client’s participation with the program is at their own risk. 


Thirty (30) days after the course end date PRS will not under any circumstances consider refunds. As referred to throughout this agreement, “days” includes weekends and holidays. 


PRS recommends contacting the Support Team for assistance if Client experiences any issues receiving or downloading the course materials. PRS will attempt to fix any technical errors as quickly as possible after being notified of the issue; however, technical problems do not automatically give rise to an adequate reason to request a refund. 


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If you have any questions about our Refund Policy, please contact us: