Thank you for taking part in the barbell intensive! 

Below are the next step options to continue training:

barbell group Coaching in NY:

90 minutes of personalized barbell coaching in a semi-private group setting (6 people max).

groups are tuesday, thursday from 630pm-8pm and saturday 8am-930am (pay per visit).


**Enjoy an additional 10% discount on your first package for completing the Barbell Intensive**

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1-on-1 Barbell Coaching in NY:

Private 1-on-1 Barbell Coaching: spend a few more hours with Dr. rori alter honing your technique prior to joining the barbell group.

Cost: $135/session (60 minutes) - 1-on-1 only

cost: $110/session (60 minutes) - 15% discount when purchasing three 1-on-1 sessions plus package of barbell group

Online Barbell Coaching:

  • Analysis of your goals and needs
  • Development of a customized programming plan delivered in three 4-week blocks (12 weeks)
  • Weekly check-in correspondence and video analysis
  • Program modification as needed based on objectives
  • Unlimited email support for questions / concerns

The success rate of PRS clients is extremely high due to our personalized and detailed approach to coaching and check-in methodology. If you follow our recommendations and guidance, results are imminent.

$550 for 12 weeks (that's $45/week!) OR
$950 for 24 weeks (that's $39/week!)

**Enjoy an additional 10% discount on your first 12 or 24 weeks for completing the Barbell Intensive**

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Dr. Rori made my meet day stress free and fun! My numbers were 410, 285, 465. I added 60 pounds to my total and had left some pounds on the platform despite losing a month of training time to injuries. Rori has always gone above and beyond for me. She’s there to answer my questions and concerns, to keep my frustrations in check and to guide me to be a better coach and athlete.
— Eric Grogin