PRS coaches' combination of expertise in Physical Therapy and Strength Training enables the team to design preventative approaches for clients to keep them injury-free while training. For clients with pre-existing injuries or new injuries, the team assesses their movement patterns and identifies potential causes of pain or injury, getting to the real root of a problem that previously may have been misdiagnosed or mistreated.

Their hands on, practical approach to physical therapy, strength and nutrition programming yields results. Coaches adjust programming to meet the changing needs of their clients, recognizes potential movement issues and corrects them before they lead to injury and inspires those who work with them to be their best.

PRS' progressive and practical approach has helped elite athletes come back from injuries, weekend warriors realize ambitious goals and people of all activity levels and ages move more freely and get stronger.


(founder & CEo)

Dr. Rori Alter founded PRS to help everyone from elite athletes to weekend warriors to people of all ages and activity levels obtain optimal health and wellness. 

She is a:

Doctor of Physical Therapy
Strength and Nutrition Coach
Competitive Athlete

Her training, knowledge and experience enable her to play a unique role in the lives of her clients. She not only understands how to customize and adjust programming to give her clients the best results, but also diagnoses and treats injuries and helps clients adjust movement patterns to train injury-free.

Rori is a Full Body Certified Active Release Techniques Practitioner, a Starting Strength Certified Coach and a sought-after Physical Therapist and Coach within the powerlifting community.

Rori holds a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from New York Institute of Technology and a Bachelor of Science in Health Science from Boston University. At Boston University, she specialized in Human Physiology, a topic that has fascinated her since she was a young dancer training in New York City.

Rori transitioned from the performing arts to racing triathlons in her early 20s. She not only competed, but also started the Boston University Triathlon team and competed on the regional and national collegiate level during her undergraduate and graduate careers. 

Following her doctorate, Rori entered the competitive world of Powerlifting and is a nationally-ranked lifter with considerable achievements in the sport:

Arnold Classic Sling-Shot Pro American 2017:
1st place 72kg Women Open

USA Powerlifting Raw National Championship 2016:
4th place 72kg Women Open

USA Powerlifting Raw National Championship 2015:
4th place 72kg Women Open

2015 USA Powerlifting Raw Open Rankings:
7th place 63kg Class
7th place 72kg Class

USA Powerlifting Pro Raw Challenge at The 2015 Arnold Classic:
3rd place 72kg Women Open

USA Powerlifting American Open 2014:
1st place 75kg Women Open

USA Powerlifting Raw National Championship 2014:
5th place 72kg Women Open


Dr. Elizabeth Zeutschel, DPT

Liz is a licensed physical therapist and certified Starting Strength Coach who resides in Meridian, Mississippi. With a solid background in rehabilitation, anatomy, and biomechanics, as well as years of personal experience under the bar, she has the skills and knowledge base to make sure her clients are training effectively and help them reach their goals while remaining injury free.

Liz has over 3 years of experience in outpatient orthopedics and sports medicine physical therapy, treating patients from high school age up to patients in their 90s. When she started lifting in 2013 she began incorporating barbells into her rehabilitation approach. She is qualified to rehabilitate and coach lifters of all ages and ability levels who have sustained injuries, undergone surgery, or just want to improve their strength and quality of life. 

Liz received her Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences as well as her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Boston University. She danced throughout high school, college, and graduate school and began barbell training in 2013 after moving to North Carolina with her husband, who is an officer in the United States Marine Corps. She now has almost 5 years of barbell training experience, including training through and after pregnancy. 

She holds a certification in dry needling from the Spinal Manipulation Institute.

Liz recently entered the world of competitive powerlifting and holds the USAPL Mississippi state record for the squat, bench press, and total in the 52kg weight class. At her most recent meet she achieved the following:

Squat: 95kg/209lbs
Bench press: 47.5kg/105lbs
Deadlift: 102.5kg/226lbs
Wilks: 307.71

1st place 52kg open class