Online Prenatal & postnatal barbell training

Being pregnant doesn’t mean stop training.

The PRS coaching team has worked with many women during leading up to pregnancy, through pregnancy, and in the postnatal period. Our very own Dr. Liz has first-hand experience of Barbell Training during pregnancy as a mom herself.

Our goal is to fully assess you as a lifter, review your training history, delve into your existing pregnancy (if currently pregnant), and provide you with a program in order to keep you strong as your progress to delivery and help you regain your pre pregnancy strength levels after.

Service Includes:

1) One 30-minutes Skype Consultation whereby your PRS coach does a full assessment of you as a lifter, reviews your training and discuss your existing pregnancy, analyzes your lifting mechanics and posture and provides you with your program

2) Four-weeks of personalized prenatal, pregnancy, or postnatal programming sent out weekly


$279 first 4-weeks + $239 thereafter (that's $59/week!) - sign up here

$575 for 12-weeks (that's $48/week!) - sign up here

*All payments are recurring until cancelled*

I think what I valued most was the personal approach for me, especially being extremely responsive and invested in my improvement.
— Brad Coulliard