In this PRS interview Dr. Rori and client Anna Marie discuss elements of her 4th pregnancy & delivery as it pertains to barbell training, nutrition, & mindset. This interview is a follow up interview to the PRS 5-Part Pregnancy series that can be found on our website under the content tab.

Dr. Alter discusses what it takes to become a true specialist. For her, that's about becoming a physical therapist who specializes in working with competitive powerlifters and a powerlifting coach who specializes in working with injured (and very soon to be uninjured) lifters.

This video discusses the common inquiries Dr. Alter gets about how she went from being a new grad working in a general out patient orthopedic PT practice to opening her own specialized niche practice with low overhead and a lot of freedom. 

Highlighting some of the PRS athlete meet accomplishments in 2017.

Bethany competed in the 57kg open class achieving a PR squat, PR deadlift, PR total and second place! Squat: 110kg Bench: 47.5kg Deadlift 140kg

PRS Client Ashley Shramm USSF National Championship Meet Video.

All of the PRS clients hit PRs in the gym and on the platform in 2017. Here are some training PR highlights from 2017.

Coach Liz Zeutschel 12/2/2017 USAPL, MS Meet Video